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High scores very possible if wickets retained

There clearly aren’t many maximums on offer at this big ground but decent totals are available. Delhi and Punjab tied on 157 despite both top orders being wrecked. RCB’s 163 was disappointing from where they were set at halfway and 153 for Sunrisers was the result of a batting collapse.

If the side batting first can keep wickets in hand for the second half, I reckon 180 is perfectly within range at this stage of the season. I’m hoping above 3.00 will be available.

Whilst neither of the top batsman favourites delivered first time up, both are expected to be among the more reliable during the tournament. KL Rahul is 12-5 to lead the Kings XI list, while Virat Kohli is a 21-10 for RCB. Fair enough, but too short for my liking.

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